Seven Reasons Why You Need a Campus Dining Mobile Ordering System

Seven Reasons  Why You Need a Campus Dining Mobile Ordering System

One of the new technologies that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic is the online ordering system for restaurants and what better way to capture the Gen Z generation roaming around the university halls and campus than through this ordering system.

Even after the pandemic, around 89% of students will continue to dine in if the restaurants have mobile or web ordering capabilities.  In addition,  90% of university students felt it is more convenient to do contactless ordering and payment even after the pandemic. 

Let us know why it is beneficial to invest in a mobile ordering system for campus dining:

1. Fulfill students’ need to conveniently order food

In between classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and grueling exams, many hungry students want to be able to order their food using the tip of their fingers. Using their smartphones they can readily see the menu being offered by their favorite on-campus restaurant. They will be more satisfied if they know that the food can be picked up or delivered at their most convenient time. 

2. Integrate different digital payment schemes 

Most university students, whether they are living on or off campus, prepay the meal plans, so they want to be able to use their campus card first for payment when doing online orders. If they ran out of their balance, they want to be able to switch easily their mode of payment using their own credit card, apple or google pay, or other forms of digital payment systems.  

3. Option to easily select from different on-campus eateries

Students want to be able to choose from a wide variety of on-campus eateries. Using the geo-location services of their smartphone, students can select the nearest dining halls, restaurants, or coffee shops where they can pick up their food or beverage. For example, for breakfast, they’ll look for the nearest Starbucks where they can grab their hot cup of coffee. When it is lunchtime, they can select the nearest dining hall or resto that offers pizza or pasta.

4. Participate in Loyalty Programs for discounts and freebies

Most Gen Z generation knows the value of hard money and they always feel for their parents who are working very hard in order to send them as “first-generation college students”. How about offering a free beverage or dessert after meeting the number of orders required? or getting discounts during happy hours? Or maybe offering free delivery when the minimum order required is reached? 

5. Take advantage of mobile push notification technology

How about alerting students that their order is ready using push notification? Also, excite them by providing mobile-specific coupons that they can use when they order. Moreover, notify students when their favorite meal is offered at a particular dining hall so they can be the “first to order?” Why not alert them that they can quickly grab a sandwich in between classes by ordering ahead and skipping the line?  

6. Share positive dining experiences on social media 

Why not promote your restaurants especially among freshmen through a viral social media post? Allow social media integration in your mobile ordering app so that students can easily share their wonderful dining experience among their social media followers and friends. 

7. Make dining reservations easily

Keep students and student groups happy by offering dining reservations. Using their smartphones, they can indicate and confirm how many people are dining in, the date & time of reservation, and have the option to order ahead. This will help in organizing the staff available and be ready to accommodate orders especially in “busy times.”

Final Thoughts on Campus Dining Mobile Ordering System

Using a mobile campus dining ordering system, universities can address students’ need to conveniently order their food and drinks, and customize them based on preference in a few clicks while focusing on what’s important- their education!

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