25 Creative Tacos Captions for Your Social Media Post

Mexican food is one of the fastest-growing cuisines in the field of restaurants and hospitality. From its modest beginning, Mexican food particularly Tacos has been a global sensation with many cultures adopting them.  

The popularity of Mexican Food also draw the bandwagon Taco Tuesday which created a viral sensation across social media. Instagram, for instance, has created 13M posts on #Tacos, 5M posts for #TacoTuesday, and 4M posts for #Taco while TikTok views for #Tacos is 14.2B views.

Here are 25 creative Taco quotes and lines that can help promote your viral #Taco and #Tacos post:

1-5 Taco  Quotes

  • TGIT- Thank Got It’s Taco Tuesday
  • Sorry – I’m in a relationship. With Tacos
  • Do you know my favorite animal? Tacosaurus
  • Happiness is eating Tacos
  • No tickie, no taco.

6-10 Taco  Quotes

  • Eat Tacos like no watching
  • Just for Tacos.
  • Live…love and eat Tacos!
  • Tasty Taco brings eternal bliss.
  • Taco here, Burrito there

11-15 Taco Quotes

  • Taco… Taco.. baby!
  • Tacos for two…
  • Say yes to more cheese on my Tacos!
  • Talk less… eat more Tacos!
  • If you’re going through hell, eat Tacos!

16-20 Taco Quotes

  • Taco yesterday… Taco today and Taco every day!
  • Live is short so… eat Tacos!
  • Taco in all things is sweet!
  • When nothing goes right, eat Tacos!
  • Tacos and friends make life better.

21-25 Taco Quotes

  • All I need is some rest and Tacos.
  • A balanced diet is having Tacos on both hands
  • You are the salsa in my Tortilla
  • Roses are red… Violets are blue… I want some tacos and Nachos too!
  • There’s nothing in this world that good Tacos cannot fix! 

Final Thoughts

We know that as a Mexican restaurant business owner, it is hard to find the correct sauce in a very competitive Taco market. However, our team is here to find a customized recipe that will make your business