Caterers’ Online Ordering Benefits

<strong>Caterers’ Online Ordering Benefits</strong>

Online ordering is an increasingly growing trend, it has potentially become ‘the tool’ for the food industry to reach out to their customers directly.
The rise of internet and proliferation of smartphones has made our lives increasingly dependent on these devices, similarly, the catering industry has emerged to serve these tech savvy internet users.
Chances are that if you have an online ordering system, then you would be better recognized than the competition, improving your sales and enabling a good customer experience. If your catering business is not online yet, then you are certainly losing out on potential customers but also running behind most of your competition.
Online ordering systems have completely changed the way in which we place orders. You should take lead in your business with an online ordering system.

Benefits of an online ordering system
Creating a unique online platform for your catering business

If you are running a catering business, then you must be familiar that each catering business can be unique, it depends on the primary customers you are serving. You could be primarily serving students at schools or universities. You could be mainly working for corporate, providing food for parties and events.
The online platform should be more than just placing quick orders, it should account for your
distinct needs.
From this, we refer to the menu, to establish your uniqueness your menu and the way it is presented on the online platform will be indispensable. A poorly presented pdf or jpeg image of the menu will hurt your sales. Invest in a platform that presents your menu with “mouthwatering” images of the food items and provides you with the option to create an illustrative description of the item.
When ordering online, people tend to order food based a lot on the quality of its description and overall appeal of the item’s image. The ordering system should integrate these features to demonstrate the unique features of your catering business.

The combination of a website and a mobile app

If you already have a dedicated website, then it will be a major asset to your business but limiting yourself to only a website will limit your sales in the long run. Major catering businesses run on the combination of a dedicated website and a powerful mobile app. Look for a platform that provides both to you.

A mobile app is a very personal way to reach your customer. It is more convenient for your
customer as it promotes the ease of access, further.

Keeping the online experience, user-friendly

While you are getting prepared to go online, prioritize that the platform keeps the ordering
experience to be user-friendly. You should enable the customer to easily go through the website and place her order in a few basic steps. But don’t worry if you have any other creative steps in mind. Just, make sure that the platform implements those steps in a way that it stays a comfortable experience for your customer.
Right from the beginning, i.e., selecting the menu to the payment gateway. The process should remain smooth. The platform should provide optimum performance in processing the information from the customer and restrict any delays. If a platform provides a user-friendly experience, then, there is a good chance that the customer will visit you again. A user-friendly experience will always result in customer retention and increased sales.


Going online with a platform will also mean that you would be promoting your brand to a market with a great potential. It is also vital to consider choosing a platform that would essentially be the image of your catering business.

You must select a platform that incorporates your already established brand image and takes it to a step further, ahead. Going online will also save you from paying those ridiculous third party commissions. Most of the online platforms work monthly commission system or commission on every sale which is made online.

Contrary to popular belief, the online platforms are cheaper and easier to maintain. In the end, it is the balance between a good online platform and the quality of your food that will attract new customers and bring them back again and again.
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