What Makes a Great Order Ahead App?

<strong>What Makes a Great Order Ahead App?</strong>

1. Layout and Navigation Efficiency

The hallmark of every successful order ahead app is simplicity in layout and navigation. Customers need an easy way to browse, add items, and check out. 

You should consider how you set up the ordering experience in your application. Does the interface make it simple to add new products to the cart? Is it easy for customers to apply promotions and daily deals? What are the trending options? How easy is it to browse options and add/remove items? Consider these elements when designing any ordering application. 

If you’re stuck, the right application vendor can weigh in on layout decisions and help you design a branded app that meets your needs while providing a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. Don’t neglect this essential first step! According to Google’s research, 57% of users who shop with mobile apps agree that their favorite apps are easy to use and navigate.

2. Re-Ordering Convenience

Convenience plays a major role in order ahead apps. With order ahead, you can avoid lines, handle payments remotely, and take advantage of loyalty programs in an easy way. The leading order ahead apps offer simple features for filling your cart, reordering favorite items, or even reordering entire purchases.

Consider how you want to set up this type of experience for your customers. Many regulars enjoy reordering the same items with just a few clicks, while others enjoy adding favorite items alongside newly added ones to mix it up. Make it easy for customers to add items, and don’t hide prices. Many applications prevent customers from viewing each item’s price until the final cart is completed, which is frustrating and detracts from the user experience. Remember that convenience is your goal if you want to attract and retain customers.

3. App Security

Ordering ahead requires security just like any other application. Customers are asked to enter their names, credit card information, and sometimes their delivery addresses. Protecting these bits of personal data is extremely important no matter what industry you’re in.

A survey of restaurant customers found that over half were concerned about application security. Security appears to be a priority for users. 

If you’re a restaurant owner considering a mobile order-ahead app, ensure your integration partner has experience with order-ahead app development. There’s no better way to ensure that your business app is developed with security best practices across development, testing, and implementation.

4. Point-of-Sale Integration and Synchronization

Some mobile applications require businesses to update their mobile inventories independent of their point-of-sale systems manually. However, who has the time to do that? POS menus and your website/mobile apps can be integrated with the most popular order-ahead apps. Using this feature, you can easily update inventory, prices, or promotions in one system across your storefronts. 

The DevourNow mobile order-ahead app automatically syncs with all leading POS systems. As a result, you’ll benefit both your customers and your internal teams – customers will be assured that prices are always as advertised. In contrast, your internal teams will save time by automating interface updates. 

5. Loyalty Program Integration

The leading order-ahead apps should also integrate with your company’s loyalty and rewards program. With nearly 19 million active members in Starbucks’ loyalty program as of the end of Q1 2021, restaurant leaders have made rewards programs a priority.

Regardless of what kind of promotions you offer, ensure your order-ahead app integrates with your current system. It has never been easier to bring loyalty benefits to a mobile app – an absolute requirement for competing in the order-ahead space in 2022.

Get the Perfect Mobile Order-Ahead App

The above features can all be considered “must-haves” for your app, but they’re by no means an exhaustive list of what the most effective order-ahead apps can offer. For a detailed overview of mobile order-ahead features, contact DevourNow. Our team will assess your business and determine what order-ahead features are most appropriate for you.