The Six Great Features of Customized Mobile App for Cloud or Ghost Kitchens

The Six Great Features of Customized Mobile App for Cloud or Ghost Kitchens

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed and transformed the restaurant industry sector. Gone are the days when chefs and restaurant owners invest in creating brick-and-mortar locations. With added staffing shortages, many are looking to establish cloud or ghost kitchens, saving them time and money.

The Global Cloud Kitchen market is expected to grow at about 13% CAGR between 2022-2030. Cloud Kitchen or Ghost Kitchen providing delivery-only food operations attracted many food business entrepreneurs as there is a steady increase in food consumers that prefers food delivery over the usual dining experience. 

A customized mobile application will help not only help Cloud Kitchen owners to increase branding and also to manage the backend operations from food orders up to delivery. But, what exactly should the mobile app for Cloud Kitchen include, helping owners navigate in providing an excellent service that can delight its customer base?

 The Six Essential Features of a Cloud Kitchen Customized Mobile Application:

  1. Order Online

Just like any third-party mobile app like Doordash, Grubhub, or Ubereats, it would be best that your own mobile app will allow customers to order directly from the tip of their fingers. Better, it allows customers to sign in, save their previous online orders, and re-order the menu easily, as well as order ahead in advance. 

  1. Integrate Digital Payment

Allow customers to integrate many payment options for a hassle-free and safe transaction. 

  1. Create Loyalty Programs and Coupons

Just like any mobile ordering app, having mobile-related loyalty programs and coupons will help motivate customers to download the customized app.  Using a push notification technology embedded in the app, customers can now easily be notified of expiring points, discounts, and freebies. Also, this will help you to easily promote special deals and discounts.

  1. Geo-location

Using geolocation, both you and your customers will be updated about the delivery progress in real-time. Because of this technology, customers will be able to keep track of the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is very convenient, especially for very busy customers. 

  1. Feedback Option

Unlike the usual brick-and-mortar location, it will be hard to connect with customers and identify how well you are in terms of your service, a feedback form is a priceless tool for you so that your customers will remain loyal to your brand. 

  1. Chatbot

For better customer support, it would be best to have an AI-powered Chatbot to help customers navigate the mobile app and have a seamless experience in ordering online. They can also help in creating a more personalized experience by showcasing menu items that are tailored towards the customers’ preferences. 

  1. Social Media Integration

Integrating social media will help your customers to share their experience online among their circle of influence allowing you to expand your reach and build your online brand reputation.

Final Thoughts

Operating a cloud kitchen paired with optimized technology can generate a good amount of revenue for any restaurant entrepreneur. 

DevourNow has a specifically built-in platform for Cloud and Ghost Kitchens to create a customized mobile and online ordering system that provides flexibility, allowing customers to order food online for delivery in an intuitive user-friendly way.