Restaurant Mobile App: Why You Need One

<strong>Restaurant Mobile App: Why You Need One</strong>

In recent years, we’ve started to see more and more brands introducing their own mobile apps to the world. From major, big-name brands to smaller local stores, everyone is seeing the value of investing in a custom mobile app. 

In today’s business landscape, custom mobile apps have become as valuable as having a website. 

Could Your Restaurant Benefit From a Custom Mobile App?

Just consider some of the powerful statistics about restaurant mobile apps…

  • 92% of customers agree that they enjoy using food ordering apps to order from their favorite restaurant.
  • 52% of diners said that they prefer using a restaurant’s own branded mobile app or website over a third-party app.
  • 45% of consumers said that if more restaurants offered mobile ordering apps, they would be more encouraged to use mobile ordering.

But what if you use a third-party app, such as UberEats or Doordash? Is that enough? 

On the surface, it might seem like a comparable choice. 

But there are clear advantages to having and owning your own restaurant mobile app that third-party apps just can’t give you. Let’s consider a few of them.

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Custom Mobile App

1. Increased Profitability

Are you currently splitting your profits with third party apps – losing a large chunk to commissions and fees? It can be downright painful sometimes to look at those receipts!

With your own custom mobile app, your profits stay with you. After all, you’re not paying someone to use their mobile platform – it’s your platform! 

2. Direct Access to Customers

On many third-party apps, they control the conversation with your customers. You don’t get to interact with them except when you receive and fill their order. At the end of the transaction, they’re more likely to associate the experience with the app that they used – not with you.

But with your own restaurant mobile app, you have a direct pipeline to your customers. Change the messaging on the home screen. Send them a push notification about a special promotion. Whatever you want to tell them, you have the power and access to do it.

3. Zero Competition

On other third-party apps or restaurant marketplaces, you are one of the many. At any given time, there are probably a half dozen other restaurants all offering the same thing as you. Some restaurants may even run special deals that distract customers away from your menu. It can be hard to stand out in that space.

But with your own custom mobile app, you are the center of attention. Your customers are focused on you and no one else. 

And that’s the way it should be!

4. A Personalized Experience

When you have a custom-built restaurant app, you can personalize every aspect of the experience to reflect your brand. From colors, to logo, to messaging, everything can be tailored to create a cohesive experience that your customers recognize.

5. Insights on Customer Behavior

How many people are checking out your menu? What are they buying? What’s your most popular dish? 

In the past, you might have guessed at this information. But with a custom-built app, you can view your customer’s patterns and behaviors. This allows you to more accurately tailor your strategy moving forward. 

Concluding Thoughts on Investing in a Custom Mobile App

Notice, we say “investing” – because it’s truly an investment in your business. And it’s an investment that pays off in multiple ways. 

From increased profits to owning your own space and gaining insight into your customer behavior, there’s truly nothing that compares!

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